Each Module school year will end with a student seminar where students of bachelor (1st cycle) and master (2nd cycle) studies share aspects of their research, as it develops with their advisors, through the oral presentation of seminar work (essay) in front of the colleagues, managers of public utility companies and other interested academics and students. Student work on research essay will be realized in small groups (2-3 students per each group) based on solving real-life problems and supervision by professors involved in the INNOWAT Module.
Hands-on approach to learning will be promoted throughout the project’s implementation. This includes an individualized approach to students’ interests, potential and capacity. Students are encouraged to negotiate their own research topics and so to develop skills essential for their future work. In several cases it will allow the students to produce exceptionally high quality research.
The presentation will be assessed based on the ability to introduce in a succinct and effective manner the selected academic publication, critically engage with its key findings and/or arguments, and relate it to core course readings, topics and questions. Students are encouraged to make use of presentation techniques such as Power Point, Prezi or the flip chart. Presenters will receive individual feedback on their presentation.